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Funnel Architecture
A. Funnel Architecture & Funnel Strategy is where you architect a funnel for a client (YOU), put together a strategy for their funnel, which will help them turn leads into sales and convert sales into raving fans.
Funnel Build & Launch
B. Funnel Building & Development: this is where you or your team (US) will do the actual building and website development and launch of the funnels themselves. It's pretty straightforward but not always easy.
Funnel Optimization
C. Funnel Optimization: this is where you'll optimize the funnel process in order to get higher engagement and higher numbers of people opting in and buyers the products and services of the business you're serving.
We Build High Converting Sales Funnels, Membership Sites, Webinar Funnels, Lead Capture Pages, etc... BECAUSE.....
Websites As You Know It, Are "DEAD"!
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So Just Who Are We?
Hi, my name is James Webb, Clickfunnel Expert, owner of the 100% USA based Advanced Funnel System. Clickfunnels is at the core of everything we do here. I have been in "the game" for many years now and even worked for CF support for  years so I know it inside and out, every nook and cranny like the back of my hand. I think I have seen every bug and work around known to man. I learned from Russell Brunson himself, one of the best of all time.

I have personally built 100's of funnels big and small specializing in Sales Funnel Architecture and Implementation for clients who want to grow their business and get a real ROI via a sales funnel system. Including all Things Clickfunnels, Shopify integration and sales, eCommerce optimization, and conversion optimization. Even Optimizepress, infusionsoft, Leadpages, Kajabi, WIX. Our services deliver real ROI and help increase traffic and sales. I help with total reduction in cart abandonment and website bounces.

Along with being a Clickfunnels Consultant, I am an avid sportsman, marathoner, and even sport a glorious beard right now (as you can see). I also run both shopify and clickfunnels for a new beard product so I understand everything from sports nutrition and training Sales Funnels to most extreme of geeky technical support issues that always happen at some point.

I think it is important to establish a relationship of trust and you can rest assured you are good hands with me and my team of hooligans.
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Only the first one is a client funnel. The rest are MY OWN so you know I practice what I preach! My first priority is getting YOU these results!!!
But James aren't you going to show a million dollar earner?
Simple answer - NO - I only want to show results, not show off. My loyalty is to the customer first and foremost. My Sales Funnel clients are treated like friends, not a bank.
Okay so everyone wants testimonials right?

~ Nina Madden, NLP Master Coach, Clickfunnels Sales Funnel Client

I’ve been in business for over a decade as a Master Coach and have built my business on a combination of referrals and google ads. My website has generated me a good revenue (6 figures), however, I also wanted to try the webinar, funnel and FB strategy. 

I paid $6,000 for a so-called “funnel expert” to build the funnel and create my Facebook ads. After six months with zero conversions, additional $2000 on FB ad budget spend – I had a shitty broken funnel and zero qualified leads, let alone conversions. I had to threaten legal action for these experts to even complete the funnel, I was ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat. My programs are £5,000 per delegate, so if I at least had had one conversion it would have been worth it.  

As a last-ditch attempt, I pulled something together myself (I have zero design experience) and posted the “experts” version and my version on the Clickfunnel group to seek advice. 

James Webb kindly reached out with a few tips. He confirmed the funnel they had created would not only NOT convert – it was also broken. He fixed my funnel. Gave me some tips. 

Within TWO DAYS I had AN opt-in, viewings on my webinar and my first call. On the one I had designed myself. James confirmed that the previous ads were not targeted or direct enough, that they generated unqualified clicks,  Within a week my RELEVANCY SCORE ON ADS WERE 10. MY OPT-IN 30%!! MY CALLS ARE BUILDING UPThis is after SIX MONTHS OF NOTHING AND $8,000 down the drain with these “experts”. 

James used to work for Click Funnels so he really knows his stuff. He is down to earth, grounded, and doesn’t live in some fantasy land that most these young guys seem to do. He tells you stuff based on WHAT WORKS, not what he has read in some books or videos like most the “experts” here. And he’s not hypey at all. 

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Special Message From The Author:
James Webb Clickfunnels Expert Consultants
James Webb
Advanced Sales Funnel
Dear Entrepreneur,

James Webb here, (YOUR Clickfunnels Sales Funnel Expert of the day) and today I am going to talk about a great MYSTERY. Everyone loves a great mystery don’t they?

Let me ask you a question whats does Blockbuster, Oldsmobile, Circuit City, Woolworth’s, Pets,com, Radio Shack and The DeLorean all have in common?

They were once HUGE companies that no longer exist or had to re-invent themselves with very few making it. It’s a mystery right? Or is it?

Many of us remember the car used in the "Back to the Future" films, which was the trademark stainless steel DeLorean but the company suffered from a lack of demand. But are there any of us now who wouldn’t give their right arm have one of those?

Many of these companies in today’s dollars were worth trillions!

You see these companies could not keep up the times.

But I notice something too. Do you? These were all basically one off sales. Maybe you get repeat business but is it enough for a five and dime store? No not even close. You see a sales funnel expert, even clickfunnels expert like me was what was needed and I will tell you why.

I see it with today’s companies trying to keep up with making websites and hoping for the best but not knowing how to properly SELL online.

I see all day long on website after website and even when using sales funnels (which is the topic of the day) they are doing it all wrong.

If you sell anything online and don’t have a proper sales funnel in place, your website is leaking money. No, scratch that. Leaking really isn’t a strong enough word. It’s bleeding out money by the bucket. A properly set up sales funnel is the difference between just getting by not reaching your goals to consistent, steady, repeatable growth. Even 10x growth is possible. Now I do it through mostly Clickfunnels sales funnels and consulting but it can be applied almost anywhere.

The simple fact is many people don’t realize is that the absence of a sales funnel can actually cripple your online presence and make your whole site a giant money pit!

Even the best looking site ever with the most modern functionality is severely handicapped without a professional sales funnel!

A sales funnel brings in customer and nurtures them through specially made set off pages designed to maximize YOUR profits and be able to keep them as a paying customer for years.

So what am I talking about? I am talking about your website’s ability to do its job!

Maybe you have a sales funnel now…but is it converting like you want? Maybe you even use Clickfunnels which is what I specialize in but are you finding it hard to get all the pieces to fit together right and actually turn a profit? Are you tired of trying time and time again and nothing seems to work?

Well that’s where I come in. I have been building sales funnels for years now and know what it takes. Most specifically Clickfunnels. I do funnel consulting and building with Clickfunnels, shopify and even wordpress but no matter what you use… you have GOT to have a sales funnel in place.

SO I would like to invite you over to a free one on one strategy session with me valued at $1000 for FREE. No strings attached. No hard sales hype, just value.

Even if all you got from a FREE Sales Funnel Session with me was an extra sale a week wouldn’t it be worth it?

Click the link and get started making money.

Sales Funnels And Funnel Hacking At It's Best.


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